Elite Zone fitness is a training program designed to assist athletes in actualizing their fullest potential through customized training programs designed to meet their unique needs. Elite Zone Fitness has worked with athletes on both the collegiate and NFL levels. In addition, Elite Zone has worked with athletes across all genres to meet their fitness needs, whether increasing speed, strength, or explosiveness. 

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Selton hodge

Selton Hodge, the owner of Elite Zone, is personable and works to ensure every athlete has the tools to actualize to insurmountable levels. He also uses his experience as an athlete to help athletes tap into what is needed to reach their training goals. 

Due to Selton’s working style, he has attracted athletes and capital police, secret service officers, and military personnel seeking to enhance their fitness levels. In addition, he also works with those in the general population seeking to improve their overall fitness and well-being.

Most rewarding for many Elite Zone clients is that they see results, feel empowered, and are motivated to push themselves to higher limits. When you train with Selton at Elite Zone, you immediately feel the passion and love Selton has for fitness and his clients.

Selton thrives on teaching his clients how to train their bodies to reach their fitness goals, and he also leads by example in optimizing his level of physical fitness. In the results seen by many clients, Elite Zone exemplifies that optimum physical fitness is possible with dedication,  persistence, and training with Selton Hodge at Elite Zone Fitness.